Red Wine And Weight Loss?

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Red Wine And Weight Loss

Did you realize that drinking red wine can gives many benefits for the body? It’s¬†possible considering that red wine is full of antioxidants and resveratrol. 1 proof is that the 2010 study found in the Archives of Internal Medicine in which the middle aged women involved had a lesser chance of gaining weight when they were given moderate amounts of alcohol, the results of the study also provides evidence that there is a link between Red Wine And Weight Loss.

Resveratrol in red wine

Resveratrol, which is found in abundance in red grapes–and by extension red wine–prevents abnormal blood clotting and lowers bad cholesterol levels. Moderate consumption of the alcoholic beverage may also have a beneficial impact on weight loss.

Red wine vs dessert

To begin taking advantage of the benefits of resveratrol, just replace your dessert using a 5-oz glass of red wine. You can do this for both lunch and dinner. There’s no need to worry about calories since each glass has merely 102 calories and can cause you to eat fewer calories overall. It also helps slow digestion down, so you won’t feel hungry in between meals.

With not having sugary desserts, you can get rid of weight without even noticing it. Red wine also helps you relax and that is the reason it’s recommended even at dinner time. Relaxation is important because chronic stress often causes people to overeat.

Red wine vs snacks

If you are feeling hungry before dinner or lunch, you can drink a glass of red wine as a bite. There’s no sugar or fat from the drink and it also makes your belly muscles relax. This way, you will feel full and the urge to eat fatty foods will deteriorate. You can try various brands and types of red wine to mix up things a bit. You will find classic wines to try too. Keeping a bottle or two in the refrigerator is a smart choice so that you can find an easy remedy to abrupt cravings.

Red wine vs appetizers

You can even replace appetizers at restaurants with a glass of red wine. An appetizer already has 300 calories normally, even though a glass of red wine only has 100 calories. You can do without the elevated cholesterol and cholesterol content of appetizers, also. By replacing that with red wine, you are lowering your cholesterol safely and effectively.

You do not need to hurry with drinking your wine. This should give you lots of time to interact while waiting for dinner. Afterward, when dinner eventually comes, you will find that you aren’t that hungry anymore. That is how red wine will help you eat less.

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